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5th 6th & 7th April 2019


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Sand In your Eyes Sand Sculpture

Sand sculpture is a rare and intricate art form that takes sand and water and breaths it to life with seemingly impossible beauty.

Be on the lookout for a large beach sand sculpture thanks to the sponsorship from One Agency Thirroul


Sand In Your Eyes is the longest running Australian sand sculpting company. It was formed by Master sculptor Dennis Massoud more than 20 years ago. The Sand In Your Eyes team are all master sand sculptors and world champions in their field who have experience in a large number of events held across Australia and overseas.

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Dennis Massoud or Sandman as he is known is a world champion sand sculptor. His expertise, experience and popularity has taken him 9 times around the world during the last seven years. His unique style of sand sculpting keeps him in high demand; he has been able to turn sand sculpting into a performing art. Dennis the sandman is one of the most experienced sand sculptors in the world. It is his full time profession and as a hobby he started when he was only 7 years old. Late last year in December he was commissioned to sand sculpt in the only 8 star hotel in the world, the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

While he was there sand sculpting for the Sheikhs the minister for tourism and culture approached him to submit a proposal to build the worlds largest sand sculpture. It will be 38 meters high, 100 meters at the base and will involve using 380,000 tons of sand. They would like to contract his artistic talent for the next three years.

He won the world championship in Denmark in 2003 and since then sand sculptors he competed against decided in future events that they would split the prize money and allow people to choose their most popular sculpture. Since then he has won subsequent people’s choice awards. Information courtesy of Sand in your eyes website.

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