Art festival   Thirroul Seaside and Arts Festival


Art in the Shops

During the Thirroul Seaside & Arts Festival, local businesses generously donate some of their window space to display the work of local artists.

Some artists have been displaying their art since the festival began 25 years ago and we welcome new and upcoming talents. 

Oil and acrylic paintings, photography and sculptures, magically transforms the township of Thirroul into a wonderful art gallery.

Art in The Shops has been  a great point of exposure and  competition for artists for the past 6 years.

As a part of the fabric of the Seaside and Arts Festival and due to its great success once again the competition is on to find the ‘Best Artwork’; Painting or Sculpture display. 

The Art in the Shops exhibition is a great way to view work of the most creative artists that live in this seaside community, as the majority of those involved live and create their art here in the northern suburbs. 

The Art in the Shops exhibition is along Lawrence Hargrave Drive starting at Lachlan St on the South up to and including businesses in King St and Bath St on the north side of the railway bridge.

The works can be viewed in the weeks leading up to the festival weekend and act as precursor for the festival. A tempting teaser for the main event.

 So come and explore the township of Thirroul, and enjoy the colour and vibrancy of this free art exhibition.